Swoon-Worthy Kitchens & Baths

18 winning kitchen and bath designs

By Emma Wilson

People spend the most time obsessing about two areas of their home — you guessed it, the kitchen and bathrooms. Whether you are dreaming of a remodel, or building a new house, three ingredients help make these spaces perfect — form, function and design. The members of the Puget Sound chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association hosted the local 9th Annual Design Awards Gala in Seattle earlier this summer. The NKBA designers are experienced and educated in design, products and craftsmanship. Here are 18 award-winning Kitchen and Bath Designs — hopefully the spaces will inspire you to live more beautifully, too.


Photos: 1) Photo by Tod Sakai; 2) Photo by Tod Sakai 3) Photo by Scott Moore; 4) Photo by Scott Moore; 5) Photo by Jeff Hobson ; 6) Photo by Jeff Hobson; 7) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 8) Photo by Red Pants Studio 9) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 10) Photo by Scott Moore; 11) Photo by Scott Moore; 12) Photo by Roger Turk; 13) Photo by Roger Turk; 14) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 15) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 16) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 17) Photo by William Feemster; 18) Photo by William Feemster; 19) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 20) Photo by Jeff Hobson; 21) Photo by Jeff Hobson; 22) Photo by Jeff Hobson; 23) Photo by William Feemster; 24) Photo by William Feemster; 25) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 26) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 27) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 28) Photo by Red Pants Studio; 29) Photo by Roger Turk; 30) Photo by Roger Turk; 31) Photo by Roger Turk; 32) Photo by Roger Turk; 33) Photo by Roger Turk; 34) Photo by Roger Turk; 35) Photo by Roger Turk ; 36) Photo by William Feemster; 37) Photo by William Feemster; 38) Photo by Tod Sakai; 39) Photo by Tod Sakai;

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