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As we continue to break the stereotypes of fleece and flannel and witness the evolution of style in the Northwest, we’re going to need local experts to help us navigate the burgeoning fashion industry in our region. These knowledgeable bloggers often are the first to know about national trends, local designers and new boutiques and are eager to share their expertise with audiences through their distinctive voices.

Fresh Jess

Fresh Jess. Photo by Sarah Lovrien

Fresh Jess

Name Jess Estrada
Twitter Handle @JessEstrada
Based in South Lake Union
Fresh Jess is about local happenings, my life, things I love and personal style from the eyes of a native Seattleite. My style’s been called “eccentric,” “edgy,” and “different.” I just like to call it “West Coast Fresh.”

What’s your go-to store?
Lately, Zara and Aritzia. I’ve been shopping a lot on Poshmark this year, too!

Name a famous style icon you adore.
Miroslava Duma gives me life! Victoria Beckham, too.

How social-media-savvy do you have to be to run a successful fashion blog?
I think social-media-savviness is really important. Immediacy and accessibility to bloggers are what readers and brands want now. They’re not commenting on my blog as much as they are engaging with me on Twitter or Facebook, because they know I’m active there.

Name a fall trend you hate.
I’d like the peplum trend to go back into the vault for a while. Peplum pants are cool though.

Can you make money from fashion blogging?
Absolutely. Ads and affiliate links are the most common way to make money from blogging, but there are also revenue streams to be found in sponsored brand posts and long-term campaigns, speaking gigs, appearances and products (i.e. books) or services (i.e. consulting, styling).


Cynarah. Photo by Danielle Bortone-Holt

Moda & Estilo

Name Cynarah Ellawala
Twitter @modaandestilo
Based in Kirkland
Moda & Estilo is the publishing arm of our marketing company Alcantara Marketing. Moda and Estilo is Spanish for fashion and style. What makes us different is that the large, well-known fashion publications tend to focus on celebrities, models or larger-than-life fashion icons, while personal blogs are just that, about the blogger. Our goal is to feature real people and provide a platform for upcoming talent worldwide.

Name a fall trend you hate.
I am not a fan of vintage and based on our New York Fashion Week coverage that is all the rage for fall.

Name a famous style icon you adore.
Designer Carolina Herrera.

Can you make money from fashion blogging? How?
Yes, but you have to be realistic and it takes time. It’s harder now than it was a few years ago since the market is over-saturated. There are over 2 million fashion blogs in the U.S. alone. You have be patient, have a strong point of view and differentiation point and spend time growing your viewership.

How much is too much money for a great blazer?
I think what is important is not the price but the cut and the fit that works for your body type. I think that spending $300-$500 for a jacket is a great investment.

The Demure Muse

Name Katrina (she doesn’t use her last name)
Twitter @katriiina
Based in Seattle (downtown)
The Demure Muse focuses much more on personal style than staying on the leading edge of fashion trends. The blog started off as a place where I used to share my food photography and slowly evolved

What’s your go-to store?
I’m currently obsessed with Brandy Melville. Their approach to one-size-fits- most appeals to my love of clothes that can easily be transferred from running across the city to lounging on the couch after a long day.

What’s your style?
My family and friends describe my style as being quirky, geek chic. I absolutely love button-up tops because it makes wearing a bow or skinny ties easy. When the weather permits, I pretty much live in boyfriend jeans, and my collection of animal-printed dresses could rival the closet of any 8-year-old’s.

Name a fall trend you love.
Oversized boyfriend cardigans (bonus if there’s elbow patches!) layered over fitted button-downs and skinny jeans.

Name a fall trend you hate.
Uggs with shorts. It’s such a strange juxtaposition to have a pair of warm boots on while wearing shorts!

Name a famous style icon you adore.
Keiko Lynn has been a longtime favorite of mine. She has an impeccable eye for whimsical, yet wearable, outfits.

Who is your favorite local designer?
Moorea Seal. She’s an incredible jewelry designer whose work embodies a very earthy, natural, yet whimsical aesthetic.


Kate. Photo by Delaney Knight

All Things Kate

Name Kate Retherford
Twitter @AllThingsKate
Based in Seattle
All Things Kate is a personal style blog for women of all shapes, sizes and ages. My style is classic and feminine, so any woman who stumbles upon my blog, whether size 4 or 24, can relate. Being a full-figured woman, I know how difficult it can be to think positively about your body and how difficult it can be to find clothing that works for a curvier figure.

Why is fashion important to you? Why cover it? 
I’m passionate about empowering women and believe that every woman should have a great handbag or dress that makes her feel like a million bucks. Having style has nothing to do with your size and everything to do with your attitude.

Can you be a fashion blogger without a smart phone?
Absolutely! While my blog is Seattle-based, I actually live in the rural area of Granite Falls, where I have no cellphone service or Internet connection. Coffee shops with free wifi have become my best-blogging friend.

Name a fall trend you love.
I am loving the jewel-toned colors for fall! The rich emerald greens, cobalt blues, and royal purples are a must have for sweaters, dresses, and jewelry.

Name a fall trend you hate.  
Personally, I’m not a huge fan of animal print, so I’ll probably be shying away from that trend!

Name a famous style icon you adore.
Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are two of my favorite style icons. I love their timeless, classic style, which is still relevant today. They are both beautiful women with distinctive styles who have forever left their mark on fashion history.


Denise. Photo by Denise Sakaki

The Jaunty Magpie

Name Denise Sakaki
Twitter @JauntyMagpie
Based in very, very Eastside, as in Duvall
The Jaunty Magpie focuses on personal style, which isn’t only about what one is wearing, but a celebration of expression, which is why many posts are about art, books or film.

What’s your go-to store?
I’m constantly going between Anthropologie and J. Crew. My inner-preppie wants my inner-hippie to get a haircut and get a real job.

Name a fall trend you hate.
Cold weather does not mean you get to rock the seven-day-a-week Polartec fleece wardrobe.

Name a famous style icon you adore.
I’m always inspired by the intelligent, layered looks Jenna Lyons (J. Crew’s president and executive creative director) puts together, the same way Patricia Field (stylist behind “Sex and the City’s” looks) would style crazy high-low looks, but definitely more wearable.

Can you make money from fashion blogging?
I suppose the primary income from blogging comes from advertising, but when you spend so much time hawking your brand, it can distract focus from content. Ad revenue is nice, but the best blogs are the ones written from a sincere place.

Who is your favorite local designer?
I’m such a girly-girl at heart — I adore the gowns and dresses by Luly Yang. I make it a point to walk by her boutique store’s window when I’m in downtown Seattle; it’s such a magical display.


Mollie. Photo by Katia Ruiz-Hopper

Mollie in Seattle

Name Mollie Ruiz-Hopper
Twitter @MollieinSeattle
Based in Downtown Seattle
Mollie in Seattle is a fashion and lifestyle blog where I share the things I love. I like to focus on fashion brands, people and companies that incorporate an element of giving back into what they do.

How much is too much money for a great blazer?
Oh gosh, I’m probably not the best person to ask since blazers are my favorite staple pieces. I’ve traveled hours and driven hundreds of miles to pick up an amazing blazer. I calculate the CPW (cost per wear) that usually helps me justify a bigger purchase.

Name a fall trend you love.
I can narrow it down to two … winter whites and wearing lots of the color emerald.

Name a fall trend you hate.
Hate is probably too strong of a word, but the fall trend I’m probably least thrilled to see is peplum. I liked how Glamour put it, “It’s the trend that won’t die.”

Can you make money from fashion blogging?
You sure can! There are a lot of ways you can do that, whether it’s through sponsored posts, affiliate links, hosting events, consulting, you just have to get creative!

Eastside Fashion


Photo courtesy of Rebecca Klein

Name: Rebecca Klein
Twitter Handle: @EastsideFashion
City/neighborhood you’re based out of: Bellevue/Eastside
On my blog Eastside Fashion, I blog about style, the latest fashion trends, ensembles I wear, local events, fitness, the hottest beauty products, pretty much the fashionable lifestyle of the Eastside.

Why is fashion important to you?
I’ve loved fashion and style since I was 3 years old, dressing up my Barbie dolls and having fashion shows with my friends. I never found the “perfect” local fashion/lifestyle blog. So, I decided to create my own.

Can you be a fashion blogger without a smart phone?
I treat my iPhone like it’s a body part. But, yes! You can absolutely be a fashion blogger without a smart phone. All you need is a good sense of style, and a camera!

What’s your go-to store?
I love shopping everywhere, from Forever 21 to Neiman Marcus. But, my fashion go-to shop is most definitely Nordstrom.


Sydney. Photo by Mollie Ruiz-Hopper

Seattle Boutique Blogspot

Name: Sydney Mintle
Twitter handle: @Sydlovesfashion
Neighborhood: Queen Anne
Seattle has so many great independent designers and boutiques. Seattle Boutique Blogspot is dedicated to helping readers uncover hidden gems in the city and get to know the story behind the brand.

Name a fall trend you love.
Colorful coats! There’s a beautiful purple coat by Alberta Ferretti that I’m currently coveting. Fendi also had a great selection of colorful coats.

Name a fall trend you hate.
Color blocking. I’m over it. I’m ready to move on to some of the more playful trends like all-over prints, colorful graphics, and ornate embellishments.

Can you make money from blogging?
Yes, but it takes way more time and patience than most people realize. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and for me it was never about the money.

Favorite local designer: Paychi Guh. She’s doing something amazing with cashmere that it so refreshing and beautiful!


Alix. Photo courtesy of Alix Hernandez


Name: Alix Hernandez
Twitter Handle: @AlixRose
City/neighborhood you’re based out of: Seattle, Belltown
My blog is my personality. I write the way I talk, I have fun with my topics, and it’s not all about me. I do some personal style posts, but most of my posts are all about what I see happening in fashion.

Name a fall trend you love.
White. We know about summer white’s and winter whites, but this year it’s all about white in the fall.

Name a fall trend you hate.
I’ve never been able to love a turtleneck.

Can you be a fashion blogger without a smart phone?
Not in my world. Fashion blogging is not about just putting a post up. It’s also about conversing with the community. When you’re on the go your phone is the easiest way to do that.

FALL FAVORITES We asked our nine bloggers to share their picks for fall.

Jess — “A leather jacket that fits you and your style perfectly.”
Katrina — “Combat boots! I added a pair to my wardrobe last fall and wore them almost daily from fall up until early spring.”
Denise — “Smoking slipper-style flats.”
Cynarah — “A leather jacket.”
Kate — “Scarves — they’re basically statement necklaces but they keep your neck warm in the fall and winter.”
Mollie — “An amazing piece of outerwear.”
Rebecca — “A hot pair of motorcycle style boots!”
Sydney — “A variety of texture! Leather, cashmere, fur, feathers — there’s something for everyone this season.”
Alix — “Statement Coat”

is the managing editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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