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Photos by Jeff Hobson

Busy Career Woman

Hair and makeup by Gene Juarez

When it’s humid or rainy, throw your frizz up into a messy bun. A statement lip color is the equivalent of a power tie. It’s bold and commands attention. A more masculine brow is the trend and makes women look younger. Lash tinting is perfect for women who don’t want to wear mascara on the weekends.


“The fastest way to save yourself is with a high tight bun and a bright lip” said James Todd, team artistic creative director of Gene Juarez. Women shouldn’t be so afraid of slicking their hair back. It’s a simple and flattering look that translates well for every age. Throw your uncombed ends up into a messy ballerina bun. Mixing shine with frizz is the trend.


It takes at least 10 minutes to do your eye makeup, but it only takes two seconds to throw on some lipstick. When you have no time, just add a little color to your lips. Also, it’s not just about what you do in the morning, it’s what you get done at the salon. Eyelash conditioners, well-kept brows and great skin keep you looking polished 24/7.


You should only wash your hair two to three times a week. To avoid the greasy look, use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray $40. Gene Juarez can custom blend your foundation, $42.



Edgy Lady

Hair by Seven Salon | Makeup by Taigen Ferguson

Texture building is important for adding volume and shape. Not everything edgy has to be stiff, soft and wild is a great combination. Add some gloss to smoky eyes to give them shine. Reverse ombré lips are dark in the middle and lighter on the outside.


Seven Salon went with a Rihanna-inspired look that’s edgy and sexy. The stylist altered the model’s natural texture with Seven’s Boost and Beach Sprays, then blew it dry and added another layer of Boost and Beach Sprays. Although this is an edgy style, keeping some of the hair loose adds a softer touch to the overall bold look. A deep side part anchors it.


Ferguson applied dark eye makeup and minimal cheek color to keep the model looking mysterious. A little gloss on black eyelids adds a shimmer to the dark shadow. Smoky eyes are the perfect treatment for a night out.


Use Seven Boost lotion ($28) and Seven Beach Spray ($30) to alter the texture of your hair for a voluminous look.



Naturally pretty

Hair and makeup by Sorella Salon

Play off your strengths to enhance your natural beauty. Add subtle color to a natural look with plum eye shadow. A little gloss for the lips goes a long way. Brush out your curls for a wavy look.


“You always want to take advantage of a client’s strengths, and in this case it was gorgeous long hair,” said stylist and Sorella co-owner Peggy Reasy. The Sorella team curled the model’s hair with a medium-sized barrel curling iron and then brushed out the curls with a Mason Pearson brush to give it a more subtle, flowing look.


The best makeup only enhances a woman’s beautiful features. The Sorella team wanted to keep the makeup natural and pretty, only adding color and shine in moderation. Because the model already had pink lips and great skin they only added a little gloss and color.


The Oribe shine spray helps hair reflect light without making hair greasy ($36). The Mason Pearson brush softens curls without pulling them out. $120, available at Nordstrom.

Shot on location at Kirkland Performance Center, kpcenter.org

Model Lauren F., TCM Models and Talent, tcmmodels.com | Intern Kari E. Vandraiss | Image Editing Michelle Coffey

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