Pumpkin — More Than Just a Latte

Whether or not pumpkin spice is the greatest thing ever or the sign of humanity’s downfall, we cannot allow this seasonal squash to get in the middle of such a heated debate. The mild-flavored, gentle sweetness of this vitamin-rich superfood complements savory dishes and is worthy of delicious celebration. Here’s where to get your gourd fixes!

Brown Butter Squash Ravioli from Italia

Courtesy Italia

What better way to eat your vegetables than when they’re wrapped in a pillow of pasta? Chef Sean Langan incorporates the taste of autumn by combining winter squash with creamy ricotta in ravioli and giving it a sauté in fragrant brown butter, a splash of sherry, caramelized onion, and a sage confit. A sprinkle of toasted pumpkin seeds adds a nutty crunch to the rich, developed flavors. 15705 Main St. N.E., Duvall // italiaprimo.com

Jungle Curry by Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper

Courtesy Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper

A family recipe with distinct chili heat, Bird Pepper’s Jungle Curry is pumpkin with attitude. With a red curry base and no coconut milk, it showcases complex seasonings and vegetables, including green beans and zucchini, along with its featured squash. It’s a bright, fresh-tasting curry using lemongrass; basil; and fingerroot, a Thai ingredient that gives ginger sweetness, combined with the earthy spice of peppercorns. Bellevue Square // thaikitchenbirdpepper.com

Pumpkin Chowder by SeaBear Smokehouse

Courtesy SeaBear

Anacortes-based SeaBear Smokehouse encourages fans of their Smoked Wild Salmon Chowder to combine their prepared soup with a can of unseasoned pumpkin for a hearty, at-home fall meal. The smoky salmon pairs nicely with the smooth squash purée. SeaBear recommends using two pouches of their wild salmon chowder, combined with 1½ cups of milk, plus one can of plain pumpkin. It’s a delicious, quick dinner for a whole family wanting to stay in on a rainy night. SeaBear products are available in stores as well as online: seabear.com

Butternut Squash Soup at Barking Frog

Courtesy Willows Lodge

Butternut squash is among the most flavorful winter squashes, which is probably why we don’t waste their deliciousness by carving spooky faces into them! The texture, color, and flavor make butternut the ideal squash for a blended, creamy soup. Chef Bobby Moore puts a flourish on this traditional classic by enhancing the sweetness with fragrant vanilla, and the pleasant warming heat of a little jalapeño pepper, truly allowing the winter squash flavor to shine. 14580 N.E. 145th St., Woodinville // willowslodge.com/barking_frog  

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