Q&A with Amour Vert CEO Aaron Hoey

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Seattle-area residents are about to fall in love. “Green love,” to be exact. Sustainable fashion brand Amour Vert (which means “green love” in French) recently opened its first storefront in Seattle, bringing to local fashionistas an array of styles that range from casual weekend wear, to office looks, to special occasion outfits. We caught up with CEO Aaron Hoey, about why he chose Seattle.

Tell us about Amour Vert and why shoppers will fall in love with its line of apparel.

Aside from being sustainable, Amour Vert has pieces that are versatile, comfortable, and incredibly soft. The touch and feel of our garments, especially our signature modal fabric, is what makes shoppers fall in love. For this reason, we are so excited to open our Seattle store to allow customers to experience the garments in person.

In French, Amour Vert means “green love.” Tell us about the company’s passion and work to create a healthier planet for future generations.

Amour Vert’s mission is to revolutionize the fashion industry to make the world a more sustainable place. Starting with our fibers, yarns, and fabrics made from organic or sustainable materials and nontoxic dyes to our compostable and biodegradable packaging materials, our focus on raw materials has allowed us to be authentically sustainable since 2010. This commitment to eco-friendly practices extended to the building of our Seattle store, where we focused on the retention of materials in the space. We found a way to incorporate our fixturing into the existing structure of the store, allowing us to keep the walls almost entirely intact. In everything we do as a company, sustainability remains top of mind.

The company plans to open six additional stores this year, with Seattle being the first for 2019. Why is the Seattle market an ideal fit for the brand?

We always look to our customers to see what they want when engaging with us as a company. We really focus on data to help make decisions, and with Seattle being our fifth-largest market, investing in the area as our new retail location was a no-brainer. We also feel that the customer base shared our core value of sustainability.

What can shoppers find in the new Seattle storefront?

Seattle shoppers will find a beautiful, light, airy, organic space filled with chic silhouettes and soft fibers. We have everything from casual weekend wear to office looks to special occasion outfits. In short, we make it effortless for you to shop sustainably, while still maintaining a chic sense of personal style. Furthermore, Amour Vert produces items in limited quantities to reduce waste, so the store will allow Seattle customers to shop items before they sell out online.

What are some of the must-have pieces that you especially love?

Some favorite pieces include the Gardenia Jumpsuit, Varden Dress, and AGOLDE Denim. The Gardenia is made of our signature beechwood modal fabric that is luxurious and versatile to wear to almost any occasion. The Varden Dress is our most popular wrap dress, made of our mulberry silk, which is OKEO-TEX certified; it’s versatile, airy, and elegant. Lastly, our exclusive denim line with AGOLDE is a must. The eco-friendly denim is crafted in Los Angeles.

Is there anything you would like to add that we haven’t asked?

Our in-store experience is one of a kind. We are so excited because our Seattle customers have shopped online with us for years, but now they have the opportunity to touch, feel, and experience the product with an amazing staff of knowledgeable and friendly stylists that can help them find the perfect outfit. 

The new Seattle store is located at 2625 N.E. University Village Lane.

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