You Ready For Gilmore Girls?

We don’t know about you, but with the impending arrival of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life in less than 30 days, some of us are getting pretty excited to revisit all of our old friends in Stars Hollow.

The fan favorite created by Amy Sherman-Palladino will debut Nov. 25 on all devices that have the capability to stream Netflix. There will be four 90-minute episodes (or mini-movies) each one representing a different season of the year beginning with winter.

Pretty much all of the original cast has returned to reprise their roles including Lauren Graham as fast-talking Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel as book worm Rory Gilmore, and Scott Patterson as lovable curmudgeon and diner owner Luke Danes. Kelly Bishop will also be reprising her role as eldest Gilmore girl, Emily, who has been recently-widowed. Bishop’s character will be dealing with the loss of her husband, Richard, played by Edward Herrmann who died from brain cancer in 2014.

We’ll also be seeing the return of all three of Rory’s primary love interests from the first 7 seasons as well as Sean Gunn (Kirk) and Keiko Agena (Lane Kim).

Netflix released its first Year in the Life trailer earlier this week and we’ve got to admit, some of us we were very excited to get a glimpse into Stars Hollow 9 years after we last left Lorelai and Rory eating breakfast at Luke’s Diner.

As the release date looms ahead, you may be considering throwing a release party to celebrate another season of Gilmore hijinks. We scoured Etsy to find the coolest party essentials for any “movie night.” But you’ll have to track down your own Twinkies, Twizzlers, and pizza.


Courtesy of She Can Lift a Horse

We’re being puffed
These hilarious 4×6 “I woke up like this” postcards from Etsy shop She Can Lift A Horse would make adorable party invitations or parting gifts for your guests. Encourage them to come to the premiere in their cutest or ugliest pajamas for extra fun.
$3 each


What do you mean they don’t serve pancakes?
Oh, Al. This decal by Etsy shop Clutch Graphics can be affixed to your car to show your affinity for Star’s Hollow’s favorite international cuisine restaurant, Al’s Pancake World. Or order a few and stick them on some Chinese food cartons and serve to your guests.
$3.29 each

Coffee, please, and a shot of cynicism
No Gilmore party would be complete without coffee, coffee, coffee. Consider these Luke’s Diner Paper Coffee Cups from Etsy shop Two Funny Girls Tx.
$7 for a pack of 5 cups/lids


Humorous topical T-shirts
Kirk is back in the T-shirt business. He’s fresh out of “faux poes foes” and “rory’s going to yale!” but he’s got plenty of “babette ate oatmeal!” shirts left in stock. Don’t be the only one at the party without one from Genuine Design Co.

Take it outside
Decorate and remind your guests that there are no calls or texts allowed during the premier with this replica Luke’s Diner “no cell phones” sign by Etsy shop Shaileyann. No need to wait for this item to arrive, it will instantly be available to download and print upon purchase.

Courtesy of The Wick of Time.

Welcome to the Hollow
Set the stage by lighting one of these Stars Hollow-scented soy vegan candles by In The Wick of Time before your guests arrive. By the way, Stars Hollow smells exactly as you’d expect with notes of maple leaves, apples, toasted marshmallows, and fall spices.


Prepare for Harvard… or Yale
Did you know that the youngest Gilmore mentioned reading 339 books over the course of the series thus far? This 18×24-inch delightfully-interactive poster by Neighbourly Love includes check boxes to chart your progress. Consider making a game of it, the guest that has read the most of Rory’s books wins a prize!

*All photos courtesy their respective shops.

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