Relieve Your Muscles with CBD

CBD is a cannabis compound with medical benefits. One of them is an oil that relaxes muscles — and you can upgrade your massage to include it at Seattle’s elaia spa.

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With the legalization of marijuana in Washington state came an onslaught of creative ways to incorporate it into our lives. CBD — a part of the cannabis plant that is known to have myriad health benefits — has been especially popular as of late. CBD doesn’t “get you high” like its almost identical counterpart, THC, but it does relieve pain. 

A CBD oil can be a perfect addition to a massage to soothe aching muscles, and comes with a laundry list of benefits, like reducing inflammation, reducing chronic pain, improving skin health, and alleviating stress and anxiety. 

Earlier this year, Elaia Spa, located in downtown Seattle, caught on and started offering a CBD oil upgrade to its list of services. For $35, customers can choose to incorporate the oil into their massage, letting the massage therapist know trouble areas to focus on. The result? Sixty to 90 minutes of total bliss, hours of relief for muscles, and a 1-ounce take-home tin of the product that can be enjoyed long after the massage.  

“This CBD balm is . . . blended (two) essential oils: winter mint and lemongrass,” said Shawnay Palmer, a massage therapist at elaia whose massages are absolute magic, especially when the oil is incorporated. “These are really strong stimulants, and they enter the body and help to increase circulation. By increasing circulation, you’re increasing the oxygen that goes to a tissue, and that helps an area heal faster. The oils also work with the nervous system, so you’ll get a little bit of relaxation that way, as well.”

According to Palmer, CBD oil has been used in massage for quite some time but wasn’t used in Washington state until a couple of years ago. And with the oil being new to elaia, massage therapists like Palmer are seeing their clients react to it, usually for the first time. She said that the reactions have been extremely positive. 

“It’s been very popular,” she said. “It really helps out with those problematic areas.”

The oil, which is similar to a tiger balm or an Icy Hot, is 100 percent organic and is made without any kind of chemical byproduct. It can be used daily, so the ounce of product that you go home with can actually be incorporated into a routine to soothe tired muscles. 

On top of a fabulous massage and a relieving, tingling sensation on the muscles where the oil is applied, clients have access to the spa’s spacious locker room, sauna, jacuzzi, eucalyptus steam room, and lounge with refreshments. 

All in all, the experience is well worth it — making it easier to convince yourself that you deserve another appointment when you scrape out the last of the oil from the complimentary tin.

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