Review: ‘String’ at Village Theatre

Love is the pitfall of human kind, and apparently such is true for gods and goddesses, too. When the Greek Fates in Village Theatre’s production of String impassively cut the lifeline of Zeus’s new girlfriend, he condemns them to live on dreary planet Earth until they learn their lesson.

The three sisters — Clotho, who spins the thread of human fate; Lachesis, who measures each life and dispenses it; and Atropos, the goddess who decides each person’s moment of death — spend 3,000 years on Earth and are living on the 200th floor of a skyscraper when the eldest sister, Atropos, encounters Mickey, a clumsy security guard. We all know where this is going, right?

Just as their love is ripening, Mickey’s string appears on Atropos’ desk — an untimely elevator fall that would snip their otherwise happy relationship is fated as his gruesome demise. To fulfill his fate, she must cut his string and end his life. Atropos’s decision creates an unsavory rippling through the literal tapestry of the universe.

The emotional plotline filled with embroiled ballads between the sisters and comical songs belted by the weary building employees who drudge through their 9-to-5 workdays make the story so relatable and entertaining.

The actors and actresses are phenomenal in their performances, and the set is incredibly detailed and ingenious. And the costumes! The careful curation of the entire show is masterful. I’m always floored by Village Theatre productions.

Whether you’re a seasoned theater-goer and just dipping your toe into the arts, String is one you’ll want to watch. It has all the makings of a memorable show: laughter, heartache, and a little game of cat’s cradle…not kidding.

The show runs until April 22 in Issaquah, and from April 27 through May 20 in Everett.

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