Review: Teatro ZinZanni’s Hollywood & Vine

“Who knew clowns and wine go so well together?” said Christine Deaver, star of Teatro ZinZanni’s inaugural show, Hollywood & Vine, at their new location in Woodinville. And we couldn’t agree more.

Pulling into the old Red Hook Brewery site in Woodinville’s Hollywood District is much different than it was a year ago. Now, smack dab in the middle of the courtyard is a series of connected tents. With various light displays and beautifully dressed people disappearing into the main entrance, you will feel beckoned to enter.

Once you do, it’s like you’ve stumbled into another world; something that only exists in the imagination of the truly creative. Elegant fabric is draped from ceiling to floor, antique furniture and wine barrels are set up around the tent, the walls are adorned with abstract art, and a swanky cocktail bar is swarmed with people. Not to mention the gift shop in the corner, advertising colorful masks, hats, and boas, which you can already spot amongst members of the crowd. The combination of decor and attire feels as if from another era, if not from another reality.

And this is just the waiting room.

When the time comes to enter the main tent, a historic Belgium spiegeltent, you’ll be pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. The ceilings boast the classic circus tent pattern with mirrors lining the outer edges, revealing endless reflections of moody colors and warm lighting. Intimate tables are set up throughout the tent, making guests feel as though they’re on stage with the performers. Some will be revealed to be a bigger part of the show than others — but we’ll talk more about that later. Actors mingled with the crowd and the wait staff began taking orders and bringing wine. Part of the homage to the circus’s new home was in the form of wine pairings from local winemakers, like DeLille Cellars and Kevin White.

And suddenly, as lively and as magical as ever, the show began. Teatro ZinZanni brought what we’ve come to expect from its 20 years in the Pacific Northwest — a fantastic spectacle and nonstop entertainment.

The story of Hollywood & Vine followed three vivacious Italian sisters, garbed entirely in sequins and bright colors, who move to Woodinville to open an Italian restaurant. The locals, all in the typical northwest flannel, are preoccupied with their hunt to catch the local legend, Sasquatch.

The plot progresses through four courses of delicious food and wine pairings (courtesy of chef Jason Wilson, culinary director of Fire & Vine Hospitality), acrobatic feats that scale the highest point in the tent, impressive musical performances, and amusing surprise appearances from lucky audience members. One guest, chosen at random from the crowd, was even graced with a kiss from the lovely and talented main actress Christine Deaver. It was Lady and the Tramp style — over one long spaghetti noodle. The crowd went wild as the guest went beet red.

I’ll let you find out for yourself if the rag tag group of restaurateurs end up catching the Sasquatch. You can see Hollywood & Vine through the end of April 2019. Reserve your tickets online and enjoy the show. We definitely did.

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