Salish Becomes Great Northern Once More

The solid wooden doors slammed shut with a loud boom. The lights were extinguished leaving the glow from the illuminated red walls as the only light in the room. Then, the familiar melodic music begins to play as three television screens fade from black to show a high school trophy case which prominently features the all too familiar photograph of Laura Palmer.

It was a place both wonderful and strange at 9 p.m. on a Sunday night at Salish Lodge and Spa in Snoqualmie as social media contest winners and guests of the lodge erupted into applause, and the words “Twin Peaks” appeared on screen during a live broadcast for the first time in more than two decades.

The audience was dressed in impeccable Special Agent Dale Cooper black suits, pastel blue diner uniform dresses, and some wear bright red glasses and brown cardigans while toting plush logs.

While many area businesses and venues premiered the two-part episode to similar throngs of cosplaying Peaks Freaks, Salish was the only venue in the state of Washington that had been sanctioned by Showtime to do so.

“Other than the Los Angeles premiere we are the only Showtime sanctioned viewing,” said Denny Grosclaude, general manager at the lodge. “We were actually sanctioned by David Lynch, we had to get approval from him. There was a couple of things we had to do, and he knows us and was happy we wanted to do something.”

The guests weren’t the only persons in attendance dressed in costume, retail manager Jodi Daniels and her gift shop staff came out dressed to the nines as different characters while they presented themed T-shirts, room 315 keychains, One-Eyed Jack pins, and The Great Northern mugs.

With the show’s cult classic status and renewed following, Daniels is endeavoring to stock her shop with a unique blend of Twin Peaks memorabilia. Items in the shop range from locally-produced Mt. Si coffee to hand-crafted wooden pins from an Etsy seller in the United Kingdom.

“(The crafter that made the) key tags, that person wasn’t expecting such a big demand from us,” Daniels said of the retailer’s workload. “So I just let him know six months ago that this is what is happening and it is not going to slow down it is just going to keep getting bigger (now that the show is back on).

In the same vein, Salish Lodge will continue to tempt fans from far and wide with its alter ego, The Great Northern’s signature services like the Dale Cooper cocktail, the spa’s cherry and damn fine coffee scrub, and of course the best cherry pie. Visit Salish Lodge online for more information about its Twin Peaks packages.

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