Seven Simple House Hacks for Happiness

Sometimes it really is the little things that have an oversized effect on living with ease. Of course, we’d all be pleased with that perfectly planned kitchen, gorgeously appointed bedroom, and wardrobe to die for, right? But even magazine-worthy homes have need for some well-thought out attention to detail to support the people who live in them.

The good news is that there are steps you can take right now to make your house function like an amazing machine, one that feels like it anticipates your needs before you do. And these will work in a modest condo, vintage bungalow, or showy mansion. Because we all deserve to live well!


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1. LED Light Bulbs Everywhere
If you haven’t done this already, do it. The color temperature is very pleasing; the energy savings are, too. But let’s not ignore the fact that they last so much longer, and you wonít be scrounging around for fresh bulbs and ladders.

2. Dimmer Switches
Imagine mood lighting in an instant – so sexy, goes great with background music, perfect for entertaining. Added bonus: If you have an open floor plan and the kitchen is a hot mess, dim those lights, and nobody notices the pots and pans.

3. Double Wastebaskets
What? Why would you have two wastebaskets in a room? Answer: One is for trash and one is for recycling. By having two receptacles side-by-side, you have just presorted the trash – and helped the environment (you probably would have not sorted it after the fact). Bonus tip: Store five or six liner bags at the bottom of the trash bin. This way you always have a bag ready to go.


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4. Bedside Clock with a Built-in Charger
Outlets are at a premium, and this keeps your phone cord from hogging a valuable plug. Your phone cord is plugged right into your clock, instead. Plus, you always know where your phone is.

5. One Stylish Throw for Each Family Member
Splurge and update your throws and get one for each person. Toss it in a big round basket for easy access. No more fighting over who gets the Snuggie (because Snuggies are ugly, anyway!)

6. Shoe Bins
Do you take off your shoes when you come inside? Then make sure you have a stylish storage system (no ugly plastic bins, please!) to toss your shoes onto. No more lost sneakers and cleaner floors!

7. Spare Sets of Sheets, Towels, and Bath Rugs
Makes laundry day a breeze. You will be more likely to change sheets and towels more often if you have a replacement set ready to go. Seems like a no-brainer, but there is a front-end investment into buying the extra set, but well worth it!

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