Spring Clean-Up-Your-Life Apps


Gardenia is the go-to guide if you want to make sure your flowers bloom. The app contains detailed tips on how to grow more than 2,000 types of plants. Learn how much water and sun each plant needs, the best type of soil to use, and how much to fertilize. You’ll also find an array of dazzling photos, if you want inspiration about what colors to add to your garden. You can create a personalized garden plan and set reminders for when to water or feed your seedlings. Given how unpredictable weather can be in the Northwest, the app even sends alerts about when to expect spring showers. 

Smart Closet

Plan a new spring look while getting your closet under control with Smart Closet. This digital assistant makes it simple to organize which clothes you love versus which ones should go in the donate pile. First, take a picture of each item, or add a generic description such as “spring jacket.” Then, use the look book feature to get ideas for mixing and matching your wardrobe. You can share your looks with friends or add outfits to your daily calendar. If you need new threads, Smart Closet also includes sales alerts for all your favorite brands.


If your yard needs a refresh, the iScape app can help you come up with a landscaping design without spending hundreds of dollars. Simply walk outside and open the app’s AR (Augmented Reality) tool. You can then create a 3-D design by adding a virtual overlay to your existing yard. It’s quite easy to plot out where you want to put in a new flowerbed, plant a new tree, or even add a patio. Moving objects around is simple, and you can even create a 2-D design using existing photographs. You can then save and share your projects with friends, family, and pros. The free version contains a sizable number of design ideas and is more than enough to get you started. The $20/month subscription unlocks even more virtual tools and allows you to submit proposals to local landscapers.

Unfilth Your Habitat

The Unfilth Your Habitat app will give you a firm but gentle shove to get started on spring cleaning. The goal of this app is to help build cleaning routines so that you’re not spending all weekend on tasks. The app provides a checklist of daily and weekly chores for every room in the house. You earn badges for completing your tasks and share “before” and “after” images on social media. Best of all, the app will send you motivation alerts. You can choose between “warm hug” and “tough love” alerts, depending on whether you need some praise or a reminder that your dirty house could end up on a reality show. (Warning: The tough love option includes adult language.) 

Start Change

If you gave up on personal goals in January, spring is the perfect time to get back on track. The Start Change app will help you improve your health and mood through small, incremental steps. First, choose a new physical, mental, or emotional goal, and the app will give you concrete suggestions on how to achieve it. For example, you can choose to meditate for 10 more minutes a day or to add another 1,000 steps to your daily fitness routine. Start Change will keep track of your progress and send daily reminders and tips. The app also makes it easy to share your progress on social media or organize groups who have the same goals. There’s even an “SOS” feature, if you need to take a stress break or reach out to a friend.  

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