Fun Ways to Stay Fit This Fall

September is both the best and worst time for staying fit. Warm days and crisp nights are perfect for getting outdoors, but trying to balance school and work often makes it tough to find time to exercise. Here are two great ways for staying in shape this fall.

Fall in love with Springfree

A Springfree trampoline is the perfect way to enjoy the last golden moments of summer with the family. While traditional trampolines have a bad reputation for causing injuries, Springfree models are designed to offer maximum safety; comfort; and above all, fun.

The Springfree design features a shock-absorbent mat and flexible composite rods that prevent jumpers from landing the wrong way, and a durable “FlexiNet” ensures that no one tumbles off the side. Yet one of my favorite features is the tgoma game system, which turns the trampoline into the ultimate dance machine.

First, you will need to download the tgoma gaming app to your tablet. Sensors in the mat constantly track your location and movements, essentially turning your body into the controller. Kids can enjoy a variety of rhythm games, including Math Hopper, where they get a chance to practice math skills while jumping. Meanwhile, teens and adults can use tgomaFit to set exercise goals and track how many calories they burned.

The one thing to keep in mind is that Springfree demands a premium price, with the compact 8-foot model costing about $1,200 and the jumbo 13-foot square trampoline costing more than $2,300. The tgoma system will run you an additional $350. If you want to try one before you buy, make a trip to the Springfree showroom in Issaquah.

Work out anywhere with Activ5

But what if you’re stuck inside or have just a few minutes to exercise? Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or beginner, I cannot speak highly enough of the new Activ5.

Activ5 is not a wearable device. Rather, it’s a lightweight sensor that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, allowing you to work out using just your body weight. Here’s how it works: Once you connect the device to your tablet or smartphone, you will be able to choose from 100 different exercises. Depending on the exercise, the app will tell you to either squeeze or press down on the device as hard as you can. This will calculate your max power score, which Activ5 uses to tailor the workout to your fitness level. Your goal is to apply just enough pressure to keep the bouncing marker on the screen level with what’s called the coaching curve. The result is a short workout that feels intense without being exhausting.

Many of the Activ5 workouts can be done from a sitting position, making it the perfect way to get in some exercise at work or while traveling. There are also more intensive yoga and Pilates exercises. Best of all, the device will continue to challenge you as you get stronger. At $120, Activ5 is a great investment for anyone looking to fit more training into his or her hectic schedule.

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