‘Strong Like Her — A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes’

Courtesy Amazon

Seattle freelance writer Haley Shapely has a new book, Strong Like Her, that examines the ferocity of the female athlete throughout history.

Shapely has built a career on magazine journalism, setting out as a freelancer in 2009 and writing pieces for such publications as the Saturday Evening Post, SELF, and our sister publication, 425 Business. Several years ago, Shapley signed up for a bodybuilding show and wanted to learn more about the women who were lifting weights when it was much less acceptable for them to do so.

But when she started to read about the history of fitness, she found very little about women.

“In these books, there would only be a few pages in each chapter that were about women,” the 36-year-old said. “I knew that couldn’t be the whole story. There hadn’t been a holistic look at women and physical strength that was targeted at a mainstream audience. So, I started digging.”

Strong Like Her, with words by Shapely and photos by Sophy Holland, is available everywhere books are sold for $29.99.


is an assistant editor at 425 magazine.
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