Students Endeavor to Make Bellevue School District More Green

Interlake High School students are working to make a difference to help save the environment by petitioning the Bellevue School District to make Ecosia its default search engine on district computers. Ecosia, a search engine similar to Google, uses its revenue to plant millions of trees each year.

Modifying the district’s current default search engine from Google to Ecosia would help make a major difference, with an estimated tens of thousands of trees planted by making this simple change. If the district were to make the switch, every search initiated by a student would be supporting a global reforestation initiative.

In order to help Interlake High School make this change and help spread the word, each signature on the Interlake High School’s Green Team petition and each share of its IHS Instagram post will help plant 5 trees and be a step closer to making Ecosia the default search engine. Those passionate about the cause can also donate to the Ecosia fund by visiting this link.

For more information about the IHS Green Team and its initiative click here.

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