Stunning Textiles Land at Seattle Design Center

World-renowned Holland & Sherry textiles brand has launched its newest showroom at the Seattle Design Center, bringing with it one of the greatest displays of fine fabrics and design elements to the Pacific Northwest.

Many of the product lines haven’t been seen anywhere else and will debut in Washington, with offerings specifically matched to both the Pacific Northwest climate and culture.

“Our woolen fabrics are particularly suited to the Pacific Northwest climate: a very durable, and sustainable, nonsynthetic product that will survive over time in an area where the environmental impact of products is an important focus,” said Harrison Bailey, Holland & Sherry territory manager for the Pacific Northwest region.

The addition of the Holland & Sherry showroom is an exciting announcement for the Seattle Design Center, as the most recent showroom to launch was in 2018.

Holland & Sherry has a rich history of providing quality textiles that started in the mid-1800s in London. Its traditional wools, Scottish tweeds, and other fine fabrics became a standard of distinction within the clothing industry, and remain so today.

It brought classic textiles along with its reputation for peerless craftmanship to interior decorating more than 23 years ago with the creation of Holland & Sherry Interiors.

To date, the company has 18 showrooms, including the new one in Seattle, and it continues to deliver a versatile range of preeminent fabrics and products for every facet of home furnishing space with a deeply rooted connection to its history.

Some brands premiering in the Seattle showroom include Fermoie and Galbraith & Paul, along with Peter Dunham, Fisher Weisman, and Fromental. A Christian Liaigre gallery space is located within the showroom featuring NW artist Mary Ann Peters, among others.

“Holland & Sherry put so much thought into where to open their next showroom. Their debut in the PNW this fall really says a great deal about our market,” said Gina Colucci, marketing director for the Seattle Design Center. “Along with their reputation, collaborations, and partnerships, it’s very inspiring for our current and up-and-coming designers.”

The Seattle Design Center has been a transcendent leader within the interior design community both in the PNW region and beyond since the early 1970s. It provides services to a broad spectrum of design cohorts, including architects, contractors, and those creators within the trade as they continue to evolve.

Clients come here for inspiration and to experience an unparalleled level of home decorating provisioning. With more than 156,000 square feet of space within its public marketplace, the possibilities are endless. “With such a wide range of goods, you could totally complete your project at the Design Center,” said Colucci.

Those within the design trade now have the opportunity to access an array of Holland & Sherry textiles, as well as product collections that vary from leather and hardware goods to embroidery, and floor and wall coverings.

Appointments for showings of the new Holland & Sherry Showroom are available to designers and tradespeople, and can be scheduled by visiting

The Seattle Design Center is open to the public Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Visit for more showroom collections, and exciting upcoming projects.

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