Styling Thrift Finds

Inside the Runway Reimagined fashion show.

Thrift shopping is like a treasure hunt. You’ve got to work for the gems but in the end you’ll have something most people don’t. Plus, shopping for used clothing has some major environmental benefits. As much as we love fashion, there are too many clothes per person in this world. And giving them a second life keeps them out of landfills. As Macklemore says, “one man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up.”

Value Village and Eco Fashion Week teamed up to present the Runway Reimagined fashion show on Dec.2 in Seattle. It celebrated sustainable and eco-friendly fashion all from Value Village. Here’s what the thrift store told 425 about the event:

The night kicked off with former Project Runway Canada contestant Carlie Wong’s evening wear collection that was made of 68 pounds of discarded clothing and materials from Value Village – the amount of textiles the average North American throws out each year, according to the EPA. Local designers Alyssa Blanco and Karla Ortiz then took over with their Thrift Style collections. Blanco and Ortiz were each given $750 to use at Value Village to create 15-piece holiday collections, and they without a doubt proved that thrift has a place on the runway.

Photos by Peter Jensen

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