Suited for Soirées

Party in style with these gift ideas

It’s the time of year to break out the holiday party attire (I’m partial to a velvet blazer) and meet up with family, friends, and co-workers. A time for reflection, gratitude, and celebration. So, whether you are hosting a soiree, or are simply in need of gift inspiration, I’ve compiled a few items that will infuse a little style into your holiday season. Cheers!


Belmont Gold Cocktail Shaker

I prefer my Old Fashioned stirred, but my Dirty Martinis shaken. Stirring gently mixes cocktail elements, resulting in a subtle blend and the prefect dilution of ice. Shaking, on the other hand, vigorously integrates every ingredient, blending the flavor profiles. If you must shake, shake in style. Viski, $32


Dorset Crystal Old-Fashioned Glasses

When the party really gets going, naturally a little chaos may ensue. So, when you feel tempted to drink whiskey straight from the decanter (a solid no-no), use these crystal glasses instead to restore civility and reclaim sophistication. Williams Sonoma, $80 (set of 4)


Dorset Spirit Decanter

Storing red wine in a decanter opens it up, releases flavor, and allows sediment to separate and settle at the bottom. For a single malt scotch — nada, zilch, nothing. However, the multifaceted crystal will frame the liquid gold beautifully while exuding a “Mad Men”-like panache. William Sonoma, $140


Faux Shagreen Tray

A stylish backdrop for your decanter and highball glasses because, frankly, the kitchen counter just won’t do. West Elm, $109


George Jensen Indulgence Champagne Cooler

I believe that good design not only combines form and function, but style and substance. This cooler checks all the boxes. Use it to chill your favorite bubbly, or just add it to your budding modern-art collection. Neiman Marcus, $295


Fran’s Grey Salt Caramels and Single Malt Whiskey Truffle

Caramels and truffles broadcast to your guests that you have an appreciation for handcrafted decadence and ganache. Tread carefully though: The salted caramels are addicting. You can thank Fran’s Chocolate for that. Fran’s, Prices vary


George Jensen Panton Small Tray

With any shindig, presentation matters just as much as the taste of the cuisine. Elevate presentation and service with this stainless-steel tray to give your delicacies the backdrop they deserve. Neiman Marcus, $125


Racecar Bottle Opener

A bottle opener shaped like a vintage racecar? Enough said. William Sonoma, $20


Ralph Lauren Home Wyatt Triple Nut Bowl

What’s a holiday party without nuts? I, for one, would rather not find out. Serve them up with this triple nut bowl, giving your guests ample choices. Go for seconds. I won’t tell. Neiman Marcus, $95


Essential Barware Arrow Cocktail Picks

You could serve cocktails with wooden toothpicks. Or you could use stainless-steel cocktail arrows. The choice is yours — but seriously, go with the arrows. West Elm, $19 (set of 6)


Lady Yum Macarons

Of all the macarons I’ve sampled, these are among the best. Made locally and served daily, they can be hard to give away. But remember: Sharing is, in fact, caring. Lady Yum, $2 each


Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers

If you enjoy your scotch in an original glass, consider these crystal tumblers. While a more modern departure from traditional scotch vessels, they definitely keep things interesting. Viski, $30 (set Of 2)


Belmont Faceted Gold Bottle Opener

Gold. Geometric. Goodness. Viski, $16 



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