Super Bowl Man Cave

stock photoIn less than two weeks all eyes will be on the East Coast  for Super Bowl XLVIII, and unless you’re one of the lucky Seahawks fans to win the lottery for tickets, chances are you’ll be watching the game at home like the rest of us. This is the perfect excuse to upgrade (or finally set up) that man cave of yours to show off to your friends on Feb. 2. Here are some ideas to get your man cave in top game shape by then.

1. TV – What good is watching the Super Bowl unless you’re doing it in style? The TV is the centerpiece to your man cave and will set the tone for the rest of the room. If you have the space, skip the TV and buy a projector to make the game bigger than life. Otherwise, go with a LED TV and mount it on the wall for a sophisticated and clean look. Here’s a great choice from Best Buy.

2. Seating – Whether you decide to go with couches or chairs, one thing is a must for every man cave, cup holders. This is a non-negotiable. These will ease your worries and minimize your spills when you’re throwing high-fives left and right. No matter what you choose every King needs their own throne. So be sure to grab yourself a recliner with a cup holder, so the king of the castle can rest comfortably while all those crazy fans are in danger of hypothermia at the Super Bowl.

3. Bring the Noise – TV? Check. Seating? Check. Sound? Not so fast. That nice, new, shiny TV will give you a great picture, but those speakers aren’t going to cut it. You want to be able to hear every, grunt, shout and play call during the Super Bowl. If you have the space, opt for a surround sound system with a subwoofer so you can host anything from sporting events, movie nights, to the occasional dance party. If you’re tight on space, or money, go with a sound bar. You’ll find a lot of options and many different price ranges to work with your budget so it should be easy to find one that fits your needs. Personally, I like the Samsung HWF550. You can set it up in a minutes, and with the Bluetooth capability, playing tunes from your wireless device has never been easier.

4. Beer Me – With so many good, local microbreweries around the region, skip the grocery store’s beer aisle and find your nearest brewery to step up your beer game. Most breweries will have several styles and options to choose from giving you plenty of choices to find the right brew for anyone from the craft beer lover, to the novice beer drinker. Either way, this should score you some points over your buddy bringing the Coors Light to your Super Bowl party.

5. Decor – You can’t have a man cave without decking it out floor to ceiling with sports memorabilia and other manly items. Tailor these to things you like; favorite sports teams, players, colleges, and any other manly activities. But if you’re putting things on the wall, frame them. Yes, it is extra work, but it will bring the room together and make it look more polished impressing you, and more importantly your guests. However, if the budget’s taken a hit after grabbing all the items above and you have a lot of space to fill before the Super Bowl, grab a “12” flag at the local sports store and hang it proudly.

is a contributor to 425 magazine.
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