Surf Park to Open at Lake Chelan

Forget Hawaii or California. If you need a surfing fix, this summer, Slidewaters Waterpark in Chelan is planning to open the “world’s largest and first deep water stationary wave in the United States.” The surf attraction, known as Lakeside Surf, will operate independently with its own hours, but is still part of Slidewaters Waterpark.

The wave technology was created, designed, and patented by Citywave in Germany, and this is the company’s first project in North America. The stationary wave technology is modeled after river surfing, which is typically in water 3 to 5 feet deep. The 521/2-foot wide Citywave being built in Chelan will be able to produce waves as high as 6 feet, according to the company. In this deep-water experience, surfers can use a traditional ocean surf board.

Owners and cousins Burke and Robert Bordner of the Chelan park are designing the 2-acre expansion to accommodate surf lessons and competitions, as well as private parties and concerts. Eventually, there also are plans to build a sand volleyball court, pickleball court, an expansive wooden pier, private cabanas, a two-story bar, pizzeria, surf shop, and sports court.

“We wanted to add an attraction that engaged our guests in a new and challenging way,” principal owner and developer Burke Bordner said. “The surf wave will challenge surfers of all levels to get better. We are excited for the opportunities this amazing technology is going to create. We see potential to host world-class surfers, tournaments, Olympic training sessions, as well as introduce North Central Washington to surfing.”

Slidewaters Waterpark is open from May to September, but Lakeside Surf — the surf park — aims to be operational for nine months out of the year. Slidewaters Waterpark was established in 1983, and the Bordners have owned it since 2008. The park currently offers 14 water attractions, concessions, retail, and a competition sand volleyball park.

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