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Lakes Loop

The Lakes Loop provides everything one could want in a hike: lakes, waterfalls, and wildflowers.

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Snowshoe Mazama Ridge

There's a perfect winter landscape where sparkling ice crystals adorn the branches not too far away.


Snow Day Food Found

Planning a snow day adventure or long winter weekend at Mount Rainier?

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Grand Park — An Easier Way to Get There

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but there is a “secret” trail you can take to see Grand Park.

Fall Hike
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Five Fall Hikes

Five hikes to go on this fall.

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Faces of the Mountain

Learn about the people and wildlife that make the mountain so special.

Comet Falls
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Snapping the Perfect Picture of the Mountain

Have you ever admired all of the images of Mount Rainier National Park in books and postcards?

Paradise Inn
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Welcome to Paradise

Korsmo Construction of Tacoma is heading up a renovation to preserve the annex of the Inn.

volcanic ash
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What To Do in the Event of Volcanic Ash

Lahar flows may not impact Eastside residents, but volcanic ash can travel much farther.

Lahar danger zones
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The Mountain is Out (To Get You)

What would happen if Mount Rainier erupted?

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