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See Nature at Padilla Bay in Mount Vernon

Padilla Bay is filled with stunning natural beauty and is an easy and accessible

Travel + Outdoors

Canada X Three

A Trio of Summertime Canadian Adventures

Travel + Outdoors

Take a Great Spring Escape to Franklin Falls

Experience spring with this short, easy hike with a waterfall at the end.

master naturalist
Travel + Outdoors

Apply to Be a Bellevue Master Naturalist

Naturalists-in-training will learn about and help to preserve Bellevue’s rich ecosystem.

haunted hikes
Travel + Outdoors

The Most Haunted Hikes in Washington

Looking for a bit of a scare this Halloween but still want to get outdoors? Try a spooky hike.

Outdoor Adventure
Travel + Outdoors

Fresh-Air Escapes

Consider this your Northwest bucket list.

REI Divisional VP
Travel + Outdoors

Kirk Stephens: Divisional Vice President of REI

We caught up with Stephens to hear more about the new HQ and how and where he likes to unwind.

Travel + Outdoors

Interview: Rebecca Bear

We sat down to talk with the REI Director of Outdoor Programs and Outreach.

Travel + Outdoors

Do-It-Yourself Adventure

Looking for a way to bring your child back to reality? Have them construct their own playground.

Travel + Outdoors

Your Ultimate Guide to Summertime in the Northwest

The sun is out, the rain has stopped, and the outdoors is waiting for you.

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