Tech Tips for a Perfect Wedding

February is National Wedding Month, a time when many couples start planning a new life together. Here are some tech ideas to help take your big day to the next level.


Crafting a beautiful wedding site should be a first goal. For an easy-to-use and affordable site builder, check out The Knot ( It offers 160 modern web templates to customize in just a few minutes with photos and event details. Also create a centralized registry page, so guests won’t need to search multiple retailers. The Knot also offers a planning app that makes it easy to track RSVPs or send text updates to guests. The basic web service is free, though customized domain names can be purchased for $20.

Find a more personalized service with Riley and Grey, which offers unique and gorgeous layouts. The company also will help design and print luxury paper invites that mirror the site’s theme. The main drawback is the subscription cost: $240 annually.


Today’s couples have far more options. One of the hottest trends is drone photography, which has improved significantly in the past few years. Drones can film an entire wedding party from above, capture the beauty of the venue, or make wedding videos feel more like a romantic movie.

But there are a few important things to consider with drones. First, hire a professional pilot. While this is not the cheapest option — the industry cost for a half day of flying is between $700 and $1,300 — it is the safest one. Pilots will understand federal and state regulations, have the necessary permits, and know how to get the best shots without endangering guests. Keep in mind that bad weather (including heavy rain or fog) can ground a drone.

An affordable but fun way to capture the big day is with a GoPro HERO9 ($350). The camera is small and lightweight enough to fit in the bride’s bouquet, making it a great way to film vows up-close.


Here is an idea that guests will love that’s also Earth-friendly: Replace a printed guestbook with a digital one. Download the My Digital Guestbook to an Apple or Android tablet. Guests can take photos and leave personalized messages with just a few clicks. The app also doubles as an affordable event photo booth — all you need is a stand.


Even if things get back to normal in 2021, experts have declared streaming weddings online is here to stay. There are a couple of ways to share nuptials remotely with family and friends. Event Live works on all modern Android and Apple devices and lets couples broadcast a personalized video stream. Guests will receive an email with a secure link and a reminder of when the wedding starts. There’s no need to download separate apps, and an unlimited number of guests can view the stream. Also, it can be recorded. There is a free trial version, and the unlimited version is $50.

And remember, the most important part of the wedding isn’t the cool technology. It’s about sharing love with the people who matter most — near, far, or even at a later date.

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