Fall Fashion Picks — for Teens

Sure, we love to show you what is happening during local fashion weeks, what styles and stores are on our radar, and we recently showcased some amazing local Northwest designers. But what are some of the most stylish Eastside teens wearing this fall? We asked local teen fashion blogger, Brooklyn Schugar, to share some of her fall must-haves and some tips to be more bold, and embrace your own personal style. We think adults and teens alike will draw some fun inspiration from this  – and if you are a parent of a teen, maybe it will help you get an early jump on holiday gifts! Brooklyn is 14 and in addition to posting about fashion, she talks about positive body image, where she likes to travel, and so much more!

The thing about fall fashion verses every other season is the change of colors. Fall colors tend to be darker and I like to wear the same colors all year round. It took me a while to understand and figure out my personal style, which includes having a color palette of yellow, red, pink, and various other shades of pastel colors. If you are going to add a new clothing item into your wardrobe, think of at least three different outfits you can make with it. This will usually tell you if the item is worth adding.

With all that said, here is what I am loving for fall and why.

Beanie with a pom-pom — it’s cute, keeps your head warm, and adds that extra style feature with the pom-pom.

*the one I am wearing (Target – $13)

*Kate Spade – $59

*Kyi Kyi – $25

teen fashion

Colorful sweaters — I am not the biggest fan of layers, so during the fall and winter I wear sweaters to keep warm.

*Pacsun – $43

*Topshop – $55

*Topshop – $55

Warm fuzzy socks when your toes get cold (these are on my list because I just wore them to bed last night). If you don’t own a pair, you are missing out!

* Target – $7

*Joy of Socks – $9.50

*Amazon – $9

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