The Bachelor’s Chicken Enthusiast

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When Ben Higgins debuted as The Bachelor on the show’s 20th season premiere on ABC, Tiara Soleim debuted as the “Chicken Enthusiast.” The Redmond local introduced herself to Ben and world as the proud caretaker of a family of chickens that she adores. But there’s more to Soleim than her pet chickens. She’s a dental assistant in Kirkland, she loves to drive around her Acura Integra which is decked out with hot-pink wheels, and is considering buying an emu. We’ll have a feature on Soleim in the March/April issue of 425, but for now, here’s what she had to say about her feathery friends.

Q: Do you have a favorite chicken?

A: Yes! My favorite is Sheila. She was on the show with me. She is soooo friendly! She comes inside with me and follows me around. She is a total babe.

Q: How many do you own?

A: I have 8 total. Four hens and four roosters.

Q: Why do you love them so much?

A: I have had chickens my whole life. I can’t imagine life without them. Ever since I was little I have loved birds, my next purchase is going to be an emu. That should be fun to raise!

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Tiara Soleim

Q: Do they all have names?

A: Yes! They all have names. My rooster Marek got a disease as a chick, kinda like ALS but in chicken form, his legs wouldn’t work. It was like he was paralyzed. I did research and found out he has Mareks disease. Everyone was saying to put him down because they can’t and won’t ever heal. I kept doing my research and found a lady who said to try this natural remedy. I told myself I would give this one last try. I took this chick to work with me and hand fed him, gave him water and medicine through a syringe. A week later slowly he started to walk! So I decided to name him after his disease. The other roosters are Pumpkin, Mr. Biggs and Baby Rooster (he is still super young so he doesn’t have a name yet). The hens are Sheila, Henrietta, Emma and Noodles.


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