The Bed You Need for Better Sleep

Our homes are becoming more and more like Disney’s 1999 movie Smart House, with lights that activate via voice commands, automatic locks, and intelligent temperature controls. But what about your bed? Bryte beds are an all-in-one mattress from heaven.

The company recently opened a flagship store in Bellevue Square, where you can experience the smart bed for yourself. The dual-side temperature control allows you to customize the temperature of the mattress, Bryte Wave technology uses “subtle pressure points and soothing motion” to lull you to sleep, and it also can integrate with Hue lighting and the Nest thermostat to gently brighten the light and warm the room to wake you naturally. The AIDEN app completes the experience with data to inform you on your sleep patterns.

425 readers get a special discount. Use the code 425SLEEPBRYTE for $425 off your purchase, valid until March 31.

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