The Best Ramen in Washington

Next time you want to slurp a bowl of noodly goodness, skip the Yelp reviews and visit Ramen Danbo in Seattle. According to a painstaking study by, which compiled thousands of ramen reviews in every state to find the best, Danbo is the place to be. 

Out of its 678 reviews, the restaurant has 4.5 stars. Surprisingly, an out-of-towner gave it one of the best shoutouts: “Best ramen I’ve ever had! Every time I think about ramen, this place is always the first to come to mind,” said Timmy D, from Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The runners-up are Zen Ramen and Sushi Burrito in Tacoma and King of Ramen in Spokane. 

is an assistant editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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