The Dolar Shop

Courtesy THE Dolar Shop Seattle, via Facebook

One of China’s most memorable culinary exports, hot pot soared to new heights when The Dolar Shop opened in The Bravern’s lower level. The beautiful two-story interior features a main dining room and downstairs bar with private rooms, though the wait to get a table can be significant due to its popularity from day one. A substantial menu (think full-length coffee table book with gorgeous photos) offers diners several broth options, including the signature Dolar Shop pork broth, but consider the spicy Sichuan broth for a more authentic hot pot experience.

Each diner gets an individual broth burner, but other menu items are generally shared — platters of thinly sliced beef, an amazing mushroom basket, vegetables, a tower of prawns, and perfectly chewy hand-cut noodles, to name a few. While the broth gets bubbling, a server brings over ingredients for the dipping sauce — a combination of garlic, soy sauce, red Thai chilies, cilantro, and green onions — packed full of luscious bold flavor. At the end of the meal, get ready for the perfect finish, when a server drops off tiny vanilla soft-serve ice cream cones. They are just the right size to quench any chili fires and sweeten a great meal experience.

The Dolar Shop is located at 11020 N.E. 6th St. #90, Bellevue

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