The Do’s (and Don’ts) of Dressing for a Wedding

52Fashion faux pas at weddings can be unforgettable. Here’s what Styled Seattle founder Darcy Camden had to say about dressing like a perfect guest.

Always: Consider the weather and the location of the wedding. If the wedding is indoors, do not wear a resort-style maxi dress that would be better at a beach location. If the wedding is at a beach, don’t wear a cocktail-style little black dress and stilettos. The time of day is also essential. Weddings that start before 4 p.m. are generally more casual, whereas weddings that begin at cocktail hour and go into the night are more formal.

Sometimes: It’s OK to opt for a more comfortable shoe, such as a sandal or flat. This is especially true if the wedding is an all-day affair or requires you to be outdoors. It’s also usually fine to bring a pair of flip-flops or sneakers to change into after the cake cutting for dancing. Don’t run around the wedding barefoot because your shoes are killing your feet — plan ahead.

Never: Wear a white (or off-white, or mostly white, or blush) maxi dress to another person’s wedding. Anything that even vaguely resembles a bridal gown in a no.

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