The Hottest Tech for Summer Chilling

Whether you’re gardening, relaxing poolside, or grilling on the patio, these tech products are perfect for summer fun

Bose Frames: $200

Listen to your summer playlist without wearing bulky earbuds. These stylish shades come with a powerful speaker built discretely into the earpieces. You can easily connect the frames with your smartphone to play music, take calls, or give voice commands. Choose the Alto design if you want a classic, upscale look, or try the Rondo design if you want something more artistic.

IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler: $350

When the temperature spikes, you will want a way to keep cool along with your drinks. The IcyBreeze doubles as a cooler and portable air conditioner. Hot air is sucked in through hidden vents and cooled up to 35 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature. In addition, the cooler’s 38-quart size and six-hour battery life make it a great choice for your next barbecue or tailgate party.

Grillbot: $90

Let the Grillbot do the cleaning while you hang out with family and friends. Essentially a Roomba for your grill, the Grillbot is much easier to use than a standard scraper. Set the timer based on how filthy the grill is, and let the little robot work its magic. Not only can the Grillbot clean both hot and cold grills, but its metal brushes can be detached and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Vistefly Flowers Care Smart Sensor: $30

You work hard to build a prized garden, so make sure your flowers are getting everything they need to thrive. The Flowers Care Smart Sensor tracks everything from how much light a plant is getting to whether it needs more water or fertilizer. The sensor sends regular updates to your smartphone, letting you track your plant’s growth in real time.

BioLite FirePit: $200

The BioLite FirePit makes it easy to get a campfire going without any major hassles. Simply load the device with up to four standard firewood logs, and press the button. You will have a s’mores-ready fire roaring within seconds. Alternatively, you can add charcoal, if you want to cook on a hibachi grill. Not only is the FirePit stylish enough for any patio; it’s also lightweight enough to take to the campground or beach. 

Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker: $50

Don’t let your family fill up on sugar-laden sweets this summer. The Yonanas Dessert Maker makes it a snap to serve healthy desserts. You will need to plan ahead and freeze your favorite fruit overnight. But once everything’s ready to go, you can make frozen fruit treats in just seconds. Add bananas, mangos, strawberries, or even a little chocolate for extra sweetness.


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