The List: Ray Page

Executive Vice President of Digital & Experience Technology at WE Communications

After a career as the creative director of multiple Seattle-area companies, Ray Page made a pivot two years ago to work in public relations. This career shift brought him to WE Communications, a global public relations and marketing communications firm headquartered in Bellevue and often associated with its largest client, Microsoft. His day-to-day, he said, revolves around “bringing the heart of a brand’s values to life through a connected digital experience.” We caught up with Page to learn more about his position as executive vice president of a large company, as well as a few of his personal favorites — locally and beyond.

Favorite Places

To Relax Banya 5

For Breakfast The London Plane

To Grab a Coffee Victrola

For Dinner Ristorante Machiavelli (Capitol Hill)

To Be Inspired San Juan Islands

Inspiration Board

Favorite TV Show Succession

What Are You Listening To? New Order

Who Would Play You in a Movie? Robert Downey Jr.

Mantra You Live By Don’t bite on crazy.

Last Thing You Googled Germany time zone

Item You Can’t Live Without My glasses. Seeing is a good thing.

Best Advice You’ve Received Keep asking “Why?” and “How?”


Every industry has changed dramatically with the advent of rapidly advancing technology. In public relations, are there any drawbacks to that? What are some exciting advantages?
Technology empowers and enables more impactful communications. It gives us more ways to connect and makes it easier to measure and adjust our work to meet the needs of our audiences. As a result, it’s an exciting time to be in communications because we have new ways to connect with people and move them to positive action.

What kind of public relations campaign or strategy ignites your creative side?
Campaigns that are inherently purpose-driven with a multichannel approach.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned as a manager, and how would you like to impart that on other leaders?
To be in the service of your team. Leadership is about creating runways for team members to soar.


is an assistant editor at 425 magazine.
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