The Mountain is Out

Mount Rainier. Tahoma. Tacobeh. T’Swaq.

It has gone by many names, but we cannot deny that we love our mountain. We breathe a little deeper and feel a little more at peace when we see it. Mount Rainier is an icon, so we couldn’t resist trekking deep into the park to discover more about the bipeds and quadrupeds that make it so special. But we also couldn’t ignore its ominous side. A full-color map shows its path of destruction, with words about where to flee when an eruption occurs. We bring to you the benevolence and the bone-chilling.


welcome to paradise Faces of the Mountain A Fatal Beauty Flora & Fauna Glaciers of Mount Rainier The Mountain is Out (To Get You) Snapping the Perfect Picture of the Mountain Strange Encounters What to do in the Event of Volcanic Ash

By Kirsten Abel, Zoe Branch, Joanna Kresge, Emily Manke, Todd Matthews, L. Lisa Lawrence and Shelby Rowe Moyer

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