The New Shades of Fall

Photo by Jeff Hobson

When the bright, summer sun evaporates from our daily lives, it seems to take the playfulness of our wardrobe with it. Fall and winter traditionally usher heavy jewel-tones, but we miss the airy palettes that manifest their own sunshine, which is why we’re so happy to see the trend reports from fall runways. Sure, there are still plenty of deep, earthy tones, but we’ve also seen shocks of color — from a cheddar-y neon to pastel pink. 

One shade that might not be on your radar, however, is lavender. This historically regal hue isn’t typically thought of within the neutral color family, but it lives seamlessly next to other tones. We love it against burnt orange, emerald, fire engine red, and navy for bold looks. 

So, before you stow away your summer wardrobe, pick through it to see how pieces could mix and match for fall.

is an assistant editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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