Slideshow: Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Collection

The cat’s out of the bag, or should I say, the little blue box. Tiffany  & Co. launched the Tiffany 2013 Blue Book Collection on May 1 and within it is the Tiffany Great Gatsby Collection (SEE SLIDESHOW). Tiffany’s was selected to provide all the jewelry worn by the cast in the upcoming film “The Great Gatsby” (premiering May 10) and every piece carries the authentic design elements popular during the roaring 20s. Tiffany’s worked closely with Academy Award winning costume designer Catherine Martin to create a collection that fit into F. Scott Fitzgerald’s plot and epitomized the glamour of the era.  Pieces used in the movie are available for limited edition sale. The Blue Book also features other jewelry (mainly inspired by the art deco period) that isn’t directly related to “The Great Gatsby.”

In addition to the Blue Book is the Tiffany Ziegfeld Collection that launched in April. This collection also celebrates the jazz age, taking inspiration from the pieces created for the “The Great Gatsby.” The jewelry in this collection is comprised of sterling silver, pearls and black onyx, with prices starting at $300 and up.


Editor’s Pick: I’m all about buying versatile fashion, but when it comes to the Gatsby Collection, I eat my words. There are certain products that come along ever so often that you just have to have even though it doesn’t make any sense for your lifestyle or, ahem, your budget. This headpiece worn by lead character Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) is the epitome of one of those things.  The platinum and diamond feather adornments and gently hanging pearls are outrageous and absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it’s the little girl in me who still desperately wants to be a pretty princess in pearls, maybe it’s my love of the 20s and Fitzgerald’s tragic tale, maybe it’s both. But when a piece of jewelry makes you stop thinking rationally, you know it’s something special.
PHOTO: The Great Gatsby Collection, by Tiffany & Co. inspired by Baz Lurhmann’s film in collaboration with Catherine Martin.

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