Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Fourth

Before you light your Fourth of July off with a bang, there are a few things you should know.


The sale of fireworks on tribal lands is commonplace in our region due to the sovereign nature of the lands. Tribes that are federally recognized possess the authority to govern activities on their land without state government control, according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.



Many Eastside cities and municipalities restrict the detonation of fireworks, however safe denotation in designated light-off areas on tribal lands is permitted to customers. Not all tribes have room for these areas, so confirm before you burn.



Those who live in areas that strictly ban the sale, possession, or detonation of fireworks should adhere to these restrictions — especially because bans carry a costly fine for infractions.



In addition to monetary consequences, fireworks also can cost the health and safety of friends and loved ones. In 2015, there were 241 injuries and 240 fires as a result of fireworks-related emergency incidents in Washington state. Responsible users should keep a bucket of water and a charged hose nearby for emergencies.



Duds and spent casings should be wetted down and placed in a metal bin away from other combustible items. And legal fireworks should never be altered or “beefed up.”



Don’t overestimate children around fireworks, keep fireworks, matches, and lighters out of reach. Detonate all fireworks so there are no leftovers to tempt young children, and under no circumstances should you let a child light a fuse.


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