“To Love and Protect”

Hall Spassov Gallery will debut its first two-woman exhibit in May. Artists Gretchen Gammell and Amy Spassov reflect on the power of love but with two very different perspectives. Beauquets by Gammell is inspired by her baby daughter Beau. She examines how life developed new meaning after having a child.


Gretchen Gammell, Beauquet, 48in x 48in, acrylic on canvas, 2017

From the artist: “She has refreshed my water and caused me to see all things anew. This body of work is heavily laden with rich color and textures, symbolism drawn from classic iconography, and everyday objects found in my home and neighborhood. When I began explaining the world we inhabit to my child, I found renewed meaning in the mundane and a previously unrealized responsibility to my community. Her fresh eyes have replaced my old ones.”


Amy Spassov, Royal Jelly, 48in x 36in, acrylics and mixed media on panel, 2017

Spassov looks carefully at the dynamic between beauty and seduction in her work that centers around pollination and flowers.

From the artist: “There is no better place than nature to see the role these elements of attraction play in pollination and ultimately in the survival and evolution of nearly every form of life.  A flower’s beauty is not accidental.  It is specifically designed to seduce pollinators.  Humans are equally susceptible to their charm and while we do not pollinate flowers it does shine a light on perhaps our most important characteristic, which is to love and protect.”

The opening reception for the exhibit will be from 5-9pm on Friday, May 5. The exhibit will run through June 30.

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