TRES Sandwich House is a Good Egg (Sandwich)

Pining for that glorious week of egg salad sandwiches after a massive Easter egg hunt? TRES Sandwich House serves up an epic egg sandwich upgrade as well as an intro to Japanese-style sandwiches, aka sandos. Sandwiches have been enjoyed in Japan since 16th-century Portuguese bakers brought European-style bread to its shores, and over time, this convenience food has evolved toward elegance. Made with a signature fluffy loaf of shokupan (Japanese milk bread) — which TRES makes fresh — the sandwiches are cake-like with a tender, spongey crumb.

The bread is layered with savory or sweet fillings before being neatly cut along the diagonal and packaged to display the contents. TRES offers variants of egg sandwiches, from creamy egg salad with fresh vegetables or ham, to a sushi-style seasoned scrambled egg, but don’t stop there — the crispy pork cutlet sandwich with tonkatsu sauce is a winner, and save room for the dessert sandwiches. A rich whipped cream filling suspends fresh strawberries and other fruit, as well as OREO cookies, peanut butter, and traditional azuki beans and matcha powder. 1502 145th Place S.E., Bellevue; online ordering is available here.

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