Two Local Designers to Appear on Project Runway

Melanie Trygg
Photo by Joe Pugliese/Bravo

The fashion talent in the Pacific Northwest is truly astounding, and the rest of the world will get to see how our area is contributing to the industry when two designers — Melanie Trygg of KLÄD Apparel and Jenn Charkow of Stone Crow Designs — debut on Project Runway on Bravo. Both designers will appear on Season 18 of the series, which premieres on Dec. 5.

They each incorporate an eco-luxury aspect in their collections, using natural, high-quality fabrics and/or dyes that are better for the environment. Charkow describes her design style as “a mixture of things — the romance of dark, the clean lines of modern design, and always a touch of punk rock.” Trygg’s pieces have a powerful elegance with “draped, yet structural, garments.”

Jenn Charkow
Photo by Joe Pugliese/Bravo

Trygg has been designing for 10 years, with works appearing in runway shows and trunk sales. She decided to audition for the show during a whirlwind period of her life, because, why not? “Life has thrown many enormous curve balls at me this year, with the birth of my first child and the death of my mother within two months of each other,” she said. “I felt like, ‘Well, if every other area in my life is turned on its head, why not also throw myself into career development, too?’”

Charkow said this was the third time she auditioned for Project Runway, and the third time’s a charm. “It’s a bit surreal that I’m on the show,” she said. “For a while, I thought I was living a dream. Then the announcement of the names and teasers of the upcoming season came out. That was when I knew I wasn’t dreaming.”

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