Tyler Chism: Co-founder of Live in Everett

Tyler Chism’s move to Everett was intended to be a puddle jump of sorts. He moved there at 18 after growing up in Marysville to ease himself into city living before plunging into Seattle. But he fell in love with Everett and has been there ever since. Chism and longtime friend Garret Hunt co-founded the ever-growing blog site Live in Everett in 2015 as a residential marketing tool for their real estate jobs. It took off in a way they didn’t expect, and it now functions as the Everett know-all for entertainment and activities. Currently, Live in Everett has a weekly vlog, podcast, and newsletter. Hunt still has his real estate license, and Chism also operates Milltown Creative Co., a full-service creative marketing and design agency he co-owns with his wife, Laura. Chism shared with us a few of his favorite haunts.


Inspiration Board

Reading How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger. The book is fascinating, and it’s changing the way I think about food in general. But more so, it’s making me question how we as Americans inhabit certain seemingly normal systems without scrutiny or question (food, healthcare, criminal justice, education, financial, etc.).

Sharp Objects

Courtesy moviestillsdb.com

Recently Binge-Watched Sharp Objects, starring Amy Adams. It’s so dark and still messing with me.

Best Advice Always choose principle over circumstance.

Listening to The album is Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven by the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Hobbies I play guitar in a band called TELLERS, and I enjoy home-renovation projects.


Courtesy Slack

Favorite App Mozzarella sticks. Oh, technology app? Uh, Slack.


Favorite Places

For Dinner Lombardi’s. It’s on the Everett waterfront and has a happy hour that seems too good to be true.

To Grab a Drink The Soundview Tavern. It’s a wholesome place.

To Be Inspired Work. I work with a lot of brilliant people.

Everett Marina

Adam Barhan via Creative Commons,

To Relax Walking the docks at the Everett Marina, looking at boats. I love boats and lived in a sailboat at the marina for a couple of years.



Is there anything you’d love to see open in Everett? A Kenny Loggins Theme Park called “The Danger Zone.” He’s from Everett. I think it’d be a safe place, despite the name. Just kidding — here’s my real answer: I want to see a higher level of quality, curiosity, and execution from some of our downtown restaurants.

What’s your favorite Everett restaurant? Bhu Ping Thai. It’s an unassuming restaurant in a strip mall. But the owner, Noi, has one of the finest wine selections you’ll find anywhere in the region — things like super hard-to-find, first-growth Bordeaux. And it’s the best Thai food in the city. We like to go on Friday nights and see the Jazz Pearls play.


Eric Salard via Creative Commons

What myths about Everett do you want to dismiss? That it’s unsafe or sketchy. We struggle with homelessness and the opioid crisis just like any other large city. But we have a low rate of violent crime, some of the best schools around, homes are still kind of affordable, and it’s beautiful. Also, we’re a seaside city filled with creative people, and we make some of the best things in the world here, including Boeing airplanes.


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