Village Theatre Announces Second Season of the Beta Series

Village Theatre is known for attracting award-winning productions beloved by many, but the company also aims to elevate new works with its second season of the Beta Series.

The Beta Series puts new productions in front of audience members and the theater company provides actors, basic sets, and costumes. The subscription-based series includes tickets to each of the three shows, and audience members have the opportunity to provide feedback with changes being made after every performance based on the responses. Village Theatre is encouraging theater-goers to watch a show multiple times to see how it’s evolved.

Ticket holders can choose the date they attend each show and have the option to reserve the dates all at once or schedule them individually. General admission tickets are $75; senior admission is $60; admission for youth 18 years old or younger is $60. Additional discounts are available to Village Original Members.

Without further delay, we’ll step out of the way and allow Village Theatre to tell you about each of these young, innovative productions.


January 5-14, 2018

Book and Lyrics by Aaron Jafferis

Songs and Lyrics by Rebecca Hart

Beatbox Score by Yako 440

Ignited by an electric collision of theater, break dancing, and lyrical flow, this ground-breaking new musical follows two teenage hip hop dancers as they battle not only their disease, but also the hospital caregivers, for control over their own bodies. With a score backed by a beatboxed soundscape of the patients’ breaths and IV beeps, tensions rise as race, class, and language create life-threatening rifts between the patients and their treatment team. As the doctor and therapist wrestle over the health benefits of art versus painkillers, the teens attempt to break through their diagnoses in search of a gut understanding of what it means to be ill — both metaphorically and literally.


February 16-25, 2018

Music and Lyrics by Zoe Sarnak

Book by Emily Kaczmarek

When an accomplished young war reporter’s mentor is killed on assignment, his diaries are left to her care. But their pages provide her with more questions than comfort, chronicling his turbulent midlife love affair and pointing mysteriously toward two artist sisters mourning the loss of their volatile mother. As entanglements deepen and past collides with present, these young women relay three sides of one story through the show’s music, set, and book. Afterwords is a new musical about three women bound by notes scribbled down on paper, and the art we make from the love that makes us.


June 1-10, 2018

Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollmann

Book and Lyrics by Greg Kotis

From the creators of Urinetown comes the story of a remote American town where one fast-food franchise is test-marketing a new sandwich that, apparently, turns people into zombies. The Walking Dead meets The Book of Mormon in this hysterical new musical that follows two teenage fast-food workers who set off to penetrate the corporate behemoth behind this franchise fiasco and learn the terrible truth about the source of the plague and the outcome it was designed to create… all while navigating teenage love. Can the two young lovers save their relationship? And their brains? And the world?

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