Review: Don’t Miss Village Theatre’s Into the Woods

The storybook characters from Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Jack and the Beanstalk have never been so lovable or comically induced as they are in Village Theatre’s Into the Woods.

The baker and his wife take center stage in the story line as a childless couple that was cursed by a witch. To undo the curse and have a family, they have three nights to collect hair as yellow as corn, a cow as white as milk, a slipper as pure as gold, and a cape as red as blood. During their search, the classic story lines collide in a plot that will have you cheering for them all. Music and lyrics are by Stephen Sondheim, a celebrated American composer and lyricist who’s work includes West Side Story and Sweeney Todd.

Village Theatre's production of Into the Woods

Photo by Mark Kitaoka

The set is elaborately designed, but pulled together with simple details — including paper birds strung from a branch, and stick and cloth cow illuminated by light — that adds to the humor and quaintness of the show. But it’s truly the authenticity of the actors that makes Into the Woods so special. Several of the performers will be recognized by regular audience members as seasoned actors with Village Theatre, and others make an impressive debut.

I couldn’t end this review without mentioning the rest of the crew whose beautiful lighting, staging, costume design, wig-making, and more make it a play you won’t want to miss. As a first-time audience member of Village Theatre, I can tell you I’ll certainly be a fan from here on out.

Into the Woods runs now through Oct. 22. Tickets can be purchased online. Future productions for the 2017-2018 season include Disney’s Newsies, The Gin Game, String, and Hairspray.

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