Vivo 53 Brings Insane Sundaes to Bellevue

Bellevue’s Vivo 53 is known for its perfect pizza crust and signature pasta dishes, but pretty soon this Italian eatery will become a haven for sweet-toothed food bloggers and foodstagrammers.

Beginning on July 25th, Vivo’s Bellevue Square location will begin serving a picturesque line of what they are calling “Insane Sundaes”.

At just under a foot tall, these mammoth sundaes cover a wide array of colors, textures, and flavors which the company says are “like licking a unicorn”. Vivo is currently planning on debuting four varieties: Candy Esplosione, Holy Spumoni, The Neopolitan, and Hazelnut Seduzione.

Whichever flavor you choose, we highly recommend you bring a friend (or all your friends) to help you eat this mountain of sugary goodness, lest you instantly fall into a sugar coma.

The sundaes will keep with Vivo’s Italian roots with Neapolitan, Italian cheesecake, or Spumoni ice cream. If that isn’t enough gluttony for you, toppings can include full-size ice cream sandwiches, brownies, cheesecake slices, rock candy, lollipops, or macarons from Kirkland’s Lady Yum.

Vivo previously debuted similar concoctions at their former Fort Worth restaurant in Texas.

“The Insane Sundaes were a hit in our former Fort Worth location and we are thrilled to bring them to Bellevue,” said Jenni Lauri, marketing manager for Vivo 53. “We had guests driving all the way from Dallas or Houston just for the sundaes.”

Vivo estimates the sundaes will cost between $14 to $20.

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