Vivo 53 Debuts 12th Man Sundae

The Bellevue-based restaurant scores with a new blue and green Seahawks Insane Sundae.

Bellevue’s Vivo 53 debuted their “Insane Sundaes” in July to overwhelming enthusiasm from local sweet-tooth food bloggers, foodstagrammers and awed children alike. The mammoth concoctions have been so popular in fact that Vivo 53 is debuting another sundae variety.

12th Man Insane Sundae from Vivo 53. Photo by Frank Edgington.

12th Man Insane Sundae from Vivo 53. Photo by Frank Edgington.

Running from now until the end of the Seahawks’ season (hopefully after the Super Bowl) customers will have the opportunity to purchase signature blue and green sundaes aptly named the 12th Man Sundae.

At just under a foot tall, the new sundae is made with spumoni ice cream, maraschino cherries, local Lady Yum 12th Man vanilla bean macarons, rock candy, swirl lollipops, whipped cream, and of course lots of blue and green sprinkles.

If you’re not a Hawks fan, no worries, you can choose from Vivo’s other sundaes including the Candy Esplosione, Holy Spumoni, The Neapolitan, and Hazelnut Seduzione.

Whether you choose the 12th Man Sundae or one of Vivo’s other sundaes, we highly recommend you bring a friend (or all your friends) to help you eat this mountain of sugary goodness, lest you instantly fall into a sugar coma.

The new sundae will cost $18.


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