Want a Makeover? We’ll give you a new look and a chance to appear in the magazine

Anne Hathaway’s makeover in Devil Wears Prada’s has nothing on what we got planned…

Do you know someone in need of a makeover? For the March/April issue we’re featuring locals whose business wardrobe needs a style transformation. We’ll be showing them what to wear (and how to wear it) to the office. And guys don’t shy away. We’re doing makeovers for both men and women. The before and after pictures of each participants will be considered to run in the March/April issue.

Chosen participants will meet with a stylist to choose the best professional outfit specifically for them. Would you look better in a pencil shirt or a circle skirt? Colored trousers or simple slacks? We know the stylists that know the answers and how to put the perfect outfit together just for you.

A salon will style hair and makeup for the participant and a professional photographer will take a before and after photo of each individual.

Nominees should be open to anything! This is about exploring new looks! Maybe our stylists think your eye color will really pop under a head of red hair when you’ve been brunette for 40 years. Maybe we’ll put you in a skirt when you’ve been wearing jeans to work for 25 years. You have to be ready for anything with confidence that we’ll make you look absolutely fabulous. Just leave it to us.

You will need to be available for before and after shots as well as a fitting. Production will take place the last week of January.


Please submit a full body photo of yourself or the person you’re nominating and a brief description of why you feel you, or the person you’re nominating, needs a makeover. Please send both via email by January 18. Please include your phone number in your submission. To participate, email your photo here. 

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Jan. 18.

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