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Photo courtesy “Roxy At the Dog Park,” © 2013 Michael Gil, used under a creative commons attribution license.

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but it’s never too late to share some love with the furry friends in your life! To celebrate National Dog Day, Rover.com is offering Rover-Gram, a new app that allows owners to make an e-card of their dogs to share with friends, family and the world. The e-card program lets users honor their favorite pets, while helping fund programs that aid dogs and owners in need.

A Seattle-based company, Rover.com is the Airbnb for dogs, connecting owners to sitters and walkers in their area. The network boasts over 25,000 sitters nationwide, allowing owners to find and book a caretaker perfect for their dog’s needs. For peace of mind, the program offers 24 hour assistance, as well as premium insurance, and user check-ins and reviews. The site makes dog-sitters widely available, and strives to connect owners with other dog lovers, to ensure a safe and fun stay-cation for the four-legged members of their families.

Along with this service, the website contains fun blog posts, puppy-cams and user surveys, meant to educate and encourage a strong network of dog lovers. In a recent survey, Rover.com showed off the close bond between its users and their pets, publishing that 75 percent of respondents would end a relationship for a pet, and over 60 percent would sacrifice a job opportunity or their alone time for their furry friends.

In honor of this bond, Rover-Gram is another way for users and dog lovers everywhere to show off their compassion for canines.

Making a Rover-Gram is an easy three step process. Pet-lovers simply choose their favorite photo, record a message with customized voices and tones and send, post or even embed it for all their friends to see. The website even offers a few cute and hilarious examples, from dogs singing Iggy Azalea, to giving heartfelt thanks to their owners for all of their pooper-scooper duties.

The app is more than just a fun display of puppy-love, though––for each Rover-Gram posting captioned with #Rovergram the site is giving $1 to Save-A-Vet. The charity serves a dual purpose, saving military, law enforcement, working and service dogs from being put down, and providing housing and support for veterans who can take care of them. The program works to honor veterans, both human and canine, by raising awareness, encouraging pet advocacy and strengthening adoption and rescue programs.

The Rover-Gram app is free and open to Rover.com users and dog lovers everywhere. For more information about the charity program, visit www.save-a-vet.org. To create your own personalized Rover-Gram and support dogs everywhere, visit online.

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