WAZE Launches Carpool App in Washington

Most can attest to our congested Washington roadways, but the destination mapping app WAZE wants to help alleviate traffic with its new WAZE Carpool app. By using the app, drivers and passengers can choose with whom they’d like to ride, based on profiles, star ratings, mutual friends, and filters. Drivers can earn a little extra money with a capped 54-cents-per-mile passenger fee to help pay for gas. The company piloted its new program in California, Texas, and Israel, and brought the new rideshare app to Washington in early spring. “We are running out of options,” Waze CEO Noam Bardin said during a private launch party and media briefing in downtown Seattle. “There are too many cars, not enough roads, and the traffic is getting worse. We are not going to be building more roads (or) double or triple the road capacity. We have to change a few things about the way we act as a society.”

Kirkland’s Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold attested that local infrastructure is “largely built out,” and now officials are seeking ways to make transportation more efficient. The carpool app aligns with that plan.

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