The Face of a Winner

Photo courtesy Darigold

Darigold has selected a winner of its “Better Butter Better” online contest! It took 110 pounds of butter, two days of carving and a 14-second street performance to make it happen, but one Seattle resident now holds a very unique claim to fame.

Darigold’s contest asked people to submit videos of themselves saying ‘better butter better’ five times fast. Haley Alaji, theater student at the Cornish College of the Arts, submitted the winning entry of her performing an impromptu dance to a street performer’s violin while repeating the tongue twister “better butter better.” It was enough to impress the judges, and as her prize, Darigold commissioned an over-sized “butter bust” (or butter carving) in her likeness that will be featured on billboards throughout Puget Sound through December.

The bust was created by renowned artist Linda Christensen, known for her annual butter carvings of the Minnesota State Fair dairy princesses, and most recently for creating Darigold’s take on Seattle’s new sports arena, nicknamed “The Butter Dome.” Christensen worked for two days in a temperature controlled cooler to create the final sculpture, which stands more than two-feet tall.

For more images of the butter bust and to view the winning submission, click here.

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