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Attention, men: Are you looking for a shop that is dedicated to providing quality clothing and goods that pay tribute to masculine styles of the past and present? Look no further than Asher Goods. Following the success of its Kirkland location, Asher Goods has expanded its presence with a new storefront in Redmond. To learn more about the brand and its hottest products, 425 caught up with co-owner Jerry Morris. 

For those not familiar with Asher Goods, briefly tell us about the brand and what makes it unique.

We are a men’s shop that specializes in heritage and outdoor-related goods. We love anything that continues to get better with age and use. One aspect of our shop that I believe sets us apart from other related stores is that our inventory really mirrors my own personality and perspective. I love to be outdoors, fishing or hiking around, but I also really love niche fragrances and candles. It can be a peculiar mixture at times, but I think that is what our clientele finds interesting and unique. I have a pretty diverse list of interests and hobbies, and I hope that lends itself to having a one-of-kind inventory in our shops.   

Tell us about the new Redmond location. When did the store open, and why was Redmond an ideal fit for the brand’s second location?

We opened up our second location in Redmond a little over a year ago. We really liked the idea of being able to share inventory and employees between here and our Kirkland location. We also felt that Redmond is growing a lot, and we didn’t see our products represented in this area. We have received a great response, and love that the people that live here really do put an emphasis on shopping local. 

Asher Goods obviously offers quite a range of products for guys, but if you had to pick five of your favorites, what would they be?

Products courtesy their respective manufacturers

This is a tough one. I usually have a new “favorite” product every week. But if forced to choose, it might look something like this:

1. Schott NYC 619 Perfecto Leather Jacket

2. Stetson Gus hat in Silverbelly

3. Coeur De Noir BeauFort London fragrance

4. Filson Tin Cloth Short Cruiser Jacket

5. Pendleton Harding Jacquard Blanket

Check back tomorrow, and I will probably add five more items!

What are some of the hottest trends in men’s fashion this fall?

This was one of the biggest revelations I have had, being in business over 10 years. We are definitely not a fashion or trend-oriented store. Nothing against those stores, but that just isn’t who we are. The way we see it, the less “trendy” a product is, that better chance you have at it standing the test of time. I love the idea of grabbing that same jacket out of your closet, year after year. Taking a little extra time to do your research, and really narrow down exactly what you want, usually will lead you to those classic, timeless pieces that we love to carry in the shop. 

Looking ahead, what’s next on the horizon for Asher Goods?

We’re always on the hunt for another location, but getting our own products on the shelves is the next adventure we’re hoping to undertake. We’ve been around a little while and have accumulated some ideas of products we would love to have for ourselves. That’s usually where our best concepts begin.

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