See Willy Wonka in Smell-O-Vision and more!

The SIFF Holiday Favorites series kicks off this weekend in Seattle with Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory presented in Smell-O-Vision. Intriguing, right?

img_5345When you enter the SIFF Film Center on the Seattle Center campus you receive a little bag of goodies. When the movie begins (yes, the original 1971 flick with Gene Wilder) it gives the audience prompts. Like when naughty Violet grows into a giant blueberry the audience scratches and sniffs the blueberry sticker on the card in the bag. When the children receive their everlasting Gobstoppers, the audience is prompted to open a bag of mini Gobstoppers in their goody bag. And when Charlie and Grandpa Joe sip the fizzy drinks, there is an extra special interactive audience surprise.

The unique Willy Wonka experience runs through Jan. 2. The other movies in their Holiday Favorites series include the Princess Bride Quote-A-Long complete with inflatable swords for the audience, White Christmas Sing-A-Long with free jingle bells for all, and The Fiddler on the Roof Sing-A-Along with Chinese food and live klezmer music. On New Year’s Eve watch Moulin Rouge and sip sparkling wine.  And finally on Jan. 8 enter the world of the Goblin King with David Bowie during a Labyrinth Quote-A-Long – there will be Whoopee cushions, and you can also create your own sock puppet goblin.

It’s fun to sit in the theater and watch one of your favorite classics on the big screen, with a lot of other fans that are excited and willing to play along! More about SIFF here.

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