Wine…In a Can?

wine in a canYep, just in time for summer, Precept Wine’s House Wine recently launched three wines in cans nationwide. The new cans feature two of the brand’s best-selling varietals — Original Red Blend and Chardonnay. The third is a brand new House Wine Rosé. Wine in a can is finally here.

wine in a canLooking to make wine approachable and unpretentious, the House Wine brand emerged in 2004 and has consistently worked to push the boundaries of consumer innovation. In 2013, it was among the first to launch a three-liter box. The May launch of the cans marks its latest innovation.

According to Seattle-based Precept Wine, cans guarantee fresh wine and cater to the grab-and-go lifestyle of active wine consumers, making them perfect for beachside picnics; tailgates; or venues where glass may not be desirable, like stadiums or pool-side. The price? $66 per 24-pack case, or $5.49 per in a can

Precept Wine is a privately held wine producer in the Pacific Northwest with deep roots representing nearly 40 years of Northwest investments in the wine industry. It owns and maintains more than 5,000 acres of vineyards across Washington, Idaho, New Mexico, and Oregon.

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